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Emerald Dragon Lever Belt

Emerald Dragon Lever Belt

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Product Description

Premium Emerald Dragon Lever Belt designed for maximum support in the gym for your deadlifts, squats etc...


  • Stainless steel lever buckle
  • Suitable for heavy lifts
  • High-quality leather material
  • Sleek Emerald Dragon design
  • 10mm thickness
  • Includes: Belt, Lever, Lever plate and Screws


Small will fit 21-30" waist - Length 100cm

Medium will fit 30-34” waist - Length 110cm

Large will fit 34-38” waist - Length 120cm

Extra Large will fit 38-45” waist - Length 130cm

Size Guide

Small will fit 21-30" waist

Medium will fit 30-34” waist

Large will fit 34-38” waist

Extra Large will fit 38-45” waist


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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How do I use a weight-lifting belt?

You’ll know you’re properly wearing a weight lifting belt if you’re breathing into it (expanding your stomach/core into the belt and then bracing against it). You should feel like its squeezing

What does a weightlifting belt do?

A weightlifting belt helps to support your lower back by allowing you brace your core against the belt giving you the ability to generate more power & stability

When should I wear a weightlifting belt?

A lifting belt should always be worn when lifting heavy. Heavy is uniquely dependant on your strength levels. We recommend beginners & advanced athletes who perform heavy lifts to use a lifting belt

What size weightlifting belt do I need?

Measure your waist & use the size chart below:

Small will fit 21-30" waist - Length 100cm

Medium will fit 30-34” waist - Length 110cm

Large will fit 34-38” waist - Length 120cm

Extra Large will fit 38-45” waist - Length 130cm

What’s the difference between a 10mm & 13mm belt ?

The 13mm belt is simply a little thicker & will last you longer than the 10mm belts because it's designed to provides additional support

How long are shipping times?

If the belt is in stock & NOT a pre order shipping times are as follows:

USA: Standard shipping: 3-5 days

USA: Express Shipping: 1-2 Days

Europe: Standard Shipping (2-3 weeks)

Australia: Standard Shipping (2-3 weeks)

South America: Standard Shipping (2-3 weeks)

Can I wash my Katamu weightlifting belt?

Your belt should NOT be washed. If it gets dirty you can rub it with a damp cloth

What exercises can I do with a lifting belt?

You can do any heavy lifts with the belts but the main exercises the belts are used for are:




Bent Over Row

Barbell Shoulder Press

Why does the belt have a weird smell?

The smell from the belt comes from the leather mixed with the resin from the edges of the belt. In order to remove the smell let it air outside (without getting it wet) & with use in the gym it will go away