Our Mission

Katamu's mission is not to just be a brand but a community centered around those who “fight the terror”. No matter how hard life gets or how much we don't want to do something, sometimes we got to push past our limitations & fight to get what we want. We want our athletes to be proud of themselves because of the hard work, dedication & fight we endure on a daily basis. As the saying goes "nothing worth having comes easy". You have got to work harder, fight harder, and train harder. Katamu wants to give you that extra motivation before before that workout & the determination in the gym. We wanted to be a fitness brand that listened to what the people want, we want to be the brand that centers their attention around YOU. We want to make the best quality rather than quantity, we strive to create innovative lifting gear to help YOU chase your goals and dreams. Anything is possible. Fight the terror And remember the demons never go away, you just get stronger